Stream Hampshire Library Video Titles on HampFlix

  • HampFlix is Hampshire's streaming video service. 
    • Only titles from Hampshire's circulating media collections (DVD and VHS) can be placed on Hampflix.
    • Five College and personal titles cannot be posted for streaming.
    • All Hampflix items are placed on 4-hour reserve in the library for that course for the semester. 
    • You can use the following link to request that films meeting the above criteria be placed on Hampflix: Hampflix Online Request Form
    • Students can log in to Hampflix directly at
    • You can easily add a link to a Hampflix video from your Moodle site.  Unlike some other kinds of video, Hampflix videos won't automatically embed in your Moodle page just by adding the URL.  If you'd like your video embedded, feel free to email us at and we'll help you do that.
    • TAs are not automatically added to the courses they TA for at;  please email with your class and TA info to have them added

Follow these steps to attach videos to your course and then share the links with your students.

- Uploading, please wait...Log in here:

- Select your course that you will want to add films to

- Type: " command + f " to search for your title or just scroll down through the long list of titles

- click on a gray "x" that appears next to title that you want to select

- Hit OK to agree to add film to course

- Videos that you have selected are now viewable by students enrolled in your course. Click on the video that you want to share then copy and paste the link to the film to add to your moodle site

- Again, only students enrolled in that course can log in and see the title that you have selected.

Now that you have the link...

Using the instructions on our Add Links page, you can add the Hampflix link to your Moodle course, either within any text area, or as a free-standing URL resource.

Last modified: Monday, November 9, 2020, 10:26 AM