Enroll Students in your Course

Note: These instructions only give students Moodle access and do not officially register them for your course. They will still need to register on theHub

Students who are registered for your course on TheHub will be added to Moodle automatically. There can be a delay of a few hours or a day between the student registering themself, and gaining access to the Moodle course.  If a student needs access to your Moodle site before their registration is processed, you can enroll them yourself using these instructions.

You will also need to grant TAs access to your course in this way.  Read detailed instructions for TAs here: Enroll TAs in your course.

  1. In your People block, click the Participants link.

    There are actually two additional ways you can find the Participants page.  Either:
    • Turn editing on, and in the Course Overview block, click the gear icon next to your name
    • Or, in your Administration block, go to Users > Enrolled Users
    The method that you use is up to you - all three routes take you to the exact same page.

  2. Click Enroll Users

  3. Use the pop-up screen to find and enroll your students. 

    • Search for students using their name or email address.  As you type, possible matches will appear.  Click on the correct name when you see it, or use the arrow keys and enter to select.
    • Users you've selected will appear at the top of the screen.  You can search for and select multiple people at once, as long as you will be adding them with the same role.
  4.  When you're finished, click Enrol Users.

Oops- Can't Find Them?

Here's what to do if you are trying to add, and cannot find, someone who is...

  • A Hampshire student
    1. Double check that you have the correct name spelling, or try searching for just the first OR the last name, not both. If you still can't find them...
    2. Have them log in once to the Moodle system. 
    3. Once they've logged in, follow the steps above to search for them. They should now be in the list, and you can proceed.
  • A Five College Student
    1.  Have them log in once to the Hampshire Moodle at moodle.hampshire.edu - make sure they are not going to their home campus Moodle system instead! 
    2. On the next screen they should click the logo for THEIR school (Smith, UMass, etc) and use their home campus log-in
    3. Once they've logged in, follow the steps above to search for them. They should now be in the list, and you can proceed.
    4. Email moodle@hampshire.edu if you have trouble!
  • Not a Hampshire or Five College Student



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