Add Text to Your Course Outline with a Label

Moodle Tip: Topic summaries and labels are good for short bits of text. If you want to add something longer, put it on a Page. This will keep the main Moodle page short and easy to navigate or scroll through.

  1. Click the Turn Editing On button.
  2. Option A: Add A Topic Summary. Click the Edit menu to the right of the date where you want the text to live, and then click Edit Section.Edit menu
    This will tie this text to top of this section. If you think you might want to move it around more independently, use Option B, a "label".
  3. Option B: Add A Label. In the section where you want the text to live, click the Add an activity or resource menu, and choose Label.
    Add An Activity Or ResourceLabel selected
  4. This takes you to a text box where you can enter your text.
    text editor box
  5. If you click the Toggle Toolbar button (1), the menu will expand and show more options for editing your text. Some of the other things you can do using the visible buttons are:
  6. When you're finished editing, click Save and return to course at the bottom.
Last modified: Monday, July 23, 2018, 1:48 PM