Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers!)


  1. Certain students or TAs can't access my Moodle site.

    If a student needs access to your Moodle site before their registration is processed, you can add them in yourself. TAs can also be added using this method.  Find the instructions at this link: giving access to your Moodle site.
    Please note: Students will only be temporarily added to your Moodle site using this method, and will not be officially registered for the course. They still need to make sure they are officially registered on theHub!

  2. None of my students can access my Moodle site.

    You probably need to make your course available to students in Moodle, they can't see it until you do.
    Instructions can be found here for making your course available.

  3. I want to bring in content from an old course.
    You can now import material from one site to another, all on your own! If you have questions, feel free to email

  4. I need to edit my office hours or the phone # by my name in Moodle.
    This information lives in your "profile", so you need to edit your profile (instructions at the link). If TA's have erroneous information by their name, they need to edit it in their profile.

  5. My question didn't appear in this list!

    Check out our Moodle Guide for Faculty which has easy instructions on most Moodle tasks, or let us know what you need.
    Or, you can always email for help!


  1. I can't log in to Moodle.
    1. Click the "log in" link on the Moodle home page.
    2. On the next screen, choose YOUR school from the drop down list.
    3. If you are an Amherst student, choose Amherst College.
    4. If you are a Hampshire student, choose Hampshire College.
    5. If you are a Mt. Holyoke Student, choose Mount Holyoke College.
    6. If you are a Smith student, choose Smith College.
    7. If you are a UMass student, choose University of Massachusetts Amherst.
      1. Log in using what you usually use to access your accounts at YOUR school. This is identical to logging into your email or other school services. If you have trouble here, contact the Help Desk at YOUR college.
    8. You will come back to the Hampshire Moodle.

  2. I can't find my Hampshire class in Moodle.

    Students who are registered for a course on TheHub will be added to the Moodle site automatically. 
    If you're not seeing links for your courses there are two possible reasons why this could be:

    1. Your instructor has not yet made their Moodle site available to students. If it's early in the semester this is likely the case.
      • We recommend checking with them at the next class meeting, or seeing if other students in your class can see the site.
    2. Your registration has not been processed yet.
      • You will eventually be able to access the Moodle site, or you can ask your instructor to add you in manually.
      • To be safe, double check that you are registered for the class on theHub.

    If your instructor adds you manually to a course, and then you get removed again:

    • There is a "drop" request in theHub for you for the course, thus Moodle keeps removing you. Check with Central Records to get the "drop" request cancelled.

  3. I can't find my Five-College class in Moodle.
    Each of the five college schools has its own Moodle website, and courses will appear on the Moodle run by the school where they're taught.  This Moodle website only hosts Hampshire courses.
    Here are the Moodle Website Systems of the other colleges:

    If you're sure that you're on the correct website for the correct school, but still can't see your courses, you should contact the Moodle Help for the host school. (i.e., if you're taking an Amherst class, contact Amherst Moodle help, etc.)

  4. My question doesn't appear in this list!
    Check out our Moodle Guide for Students.
    Or, you can always email for help!
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