Learning From/With Students

Are you interested in having student researchers help you understand how things are going in your course? Would you like to know how students experience belonging? The Teaching and Learning Initiative is supporting a Faculty Learning Circle of 5-10 faculty interested in taking part in a research project with student partners this spring to explore these questions as well as other questions you may have about your teaching.

Students in CS283 Educational Research: Students as Partners in Teaching, Learning, Assessment course are partnering with TLI to help faculty learn from student perspectives on their engagement with our classes. Faculty will meet with student partners and then conduct a focus group at mid-term of your course to collect data about the course to share with you.

Faculty will receive a $300 stipend to participate in this project during the spring semester.

Major Activities and Timeline:

  • Early March – meet with student partners to discuss focus group questions
  • Mid-March – student meetings with classes
  • Mid-March – Post-focus group reporting from student partners
  • Spring semester – share experience of meeting with students with the faculty in some way (e.g. Talking about Teaching session, Celebration of Engaged Teaching)

To apply please upload a brief proposal including (Deadline: March 1):

  1. Name, title
  2. Course name/number/description
  3. Why would you like to participate in this project and what you hope to learn about your teaching? (1 page max)