Wherever you can enter text, you can also add images and media. Here's how to add an image in the text editor. 

1. Click the Insert/Edit image button (looks like a little tree).

2. Click "Find or upload an image..."

  • You can also add an image living on the web by entering it's URL in the "Image URL" box.

3. In the File Picker, click "Upload a File", Browse for your image file, then click "Upload this file".

    • You can also use the lefthand column to retrieve an image from an alternate location like Private Files or Dropbox.

4. You'll see a preview of your image. Click the Appearance tab to check the size.

5. Re-size as needed.

        • If your image is larger than 600 pixels wide, you probably want to re-size it.
        • Enter a smaller dimension into the first box, it will automatically adjust the next dimension. 500 or smaller is a safe bet.
        • If it's really huge, we recommend making it smaller on your computer and then re-uploading. Large images take a long time to load and slow down the page. Re-sizing in Moodle doesn't actually make it a smaller file, it just "fakes" it.

6. Click "Insert".

7. You'll see the image within your text. 

        1. Click the image to make changes. It turns blue when selected.
        2. Click, hold and drag to relocate. Watch for the line of the cursor in the background to tell where it's going to go.
        3. Select the image and play with the alignment buttons to have it alongside text.
        4. To change the image options or sizing, select it and click the add/edit image button again.

8. Save your changes!

Last modified: Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 10:57 AM