Students who are registered for a course on TheHub will be added to the Moodle site automatically. 

If you're not seeing links for your courses there are two possible reasons why this could be:

1. The instructor has not yet made the Moodle site available to students. If it's early in the semester this is likely the case.

    • We recommend checking with them at the next class to see if this is the case, or see if other students in the class can see the site.

2. Your registration has not been processed yet.

    • You will eventually be able to access the Moodle site, or you can ask your instructor to add you in manually. 
      • You will get an email that you have been given a temporary enrollment.
    • To be safe, double check that you are registered for the class on theHub.

If your instructor adds you manually to a course, and then you get removed again:

    • There is a "drop" request in theHub for you for the course, thus Moodle keeps removing you. Check with Central Records to get the "drop" request cancelled.
Last modified: Friday, July 14, 2023, 12:08 PM