Managing Files You Have Linked To

Managing Already Linked-to Files

Click the Embedded Files Repository. You'll see a list of files linked to from this section. You can download them en masse or delete unused files. This section is handy if you accidentally delete the text that was linking to a file- the file will still be saved here!

text editor menu with embedded files repository button circled

manage files menu


To link TO a file in the Embedded Files Repository (for example, if you DID delete the text that was linked to it but want to re-link to the file):

Follow the steps above to create a link.

In this screen, click Embedded Files repository and choose your file.

file picker with embedded files link circled


If you plan on linking to multiple files in this text section, you can save yourself sometime by uploading them together. 

Last modified: Monday, July 23, 2018, 1:49 PM