Move, Rename or Hide Items

To make these adjustments, be sure to first turn editing on for your course.

edit gear - edit settings

You'll see a few new options for each item in your course outline.

Moodle tip: You can also choose to move, rename, or hide entire sections in your course outline.

Edit Names and Move

- Click, hold, and drag the Move icon to move your activity or resource to a new location. Watch for a thin black line between items in the background- this indicates where it will go when you release the mouse.

- Edit the name of a resource or activity with the pencil icon.  (You can edit the name of a whole section by clicking the Edit menu for that section, and choosing Edit Settings.)

Hide items

Hidden items will remain visible to other teachers in the course, as well as TAs.

  1. Open the Edit menu for the item you'd like to hide.
  2. Click the Hide option.
  3. You'll see the item title greyed out, with a label that reads "Hidden from Students"
  4. To un-hide the item, click Show in the same menu.
Last modified: Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 11:40 AM