Thurs. 11.11 readings


·       Our Most Troubling Madness: Case Studies in Schizophrenia Across Cultures, edited by T.M. Luhrmann and Jocelyn Marrow, 2016.

o   Case 6: T.M. Luhrmann and R. Radmavati. “Voices that are More Benign: The Experience of Auditory Hallucinations in Chennai.”

§ NOTE: JUST READ Page 104 (middle of the page) – 111.


·       Louis Sass and Josef Parnas, 2003. “Schizophrenia, Consciousness, and the Self.” Schizophrenia Bulletin 29(3):427-444.

o   NOTE: JUST READ the first two pages to get the main argument. (And of course feel free to read further if your interest is piqued.)