10.28 additional follow up readings

One is from Isabelle Stengers, particularly in relation to Science with a capital S and what she calls “ontological politics.”


The other is from Margaret Lock, talking about “situated biologies” – perhaps helping us think with relationality and other ways of verb-ing rather than noun-ing?

Ah! and one more follow-up, particularly in the wake of our continued attempts to bring this back to material conditions (thanks, Robyn!), I wonder if the attached article by Elizabeth Sweet would help continue to both ground and extend thinking on these matters:

"Like You Failed At Life": Debt, health and neoliberal subjectivity." Social Science & Medicine 212(2018): 86-93.


...since i'm in the habit of drowning you in texts, how about a little undrowned ?

introduction to alexis pauline gumbs'
UNDROWNED: black feminist lessons from marine mammals