10.21 readings


·       Jonathan Rosa’s Master Class, “Unsettling Race and Language: Toward a Raciolinguistic Perspective:


·       Phia S. Salter and Glenn Adams. “Provisional Strategies for Decolonizing Consciousness.” From Anti-Racism Inc: Why the Way WE Talk about Racial Justice Matters, edited by Felice Blkae, Paula Ionide, and Alison Reed. punctum books. Pp 299 – 323.


Syllabus overload. I know this week is already too much. But…


You might want to take a look, just for fun, at Gilles Deleuze’s “Preface to the Italian Edition of A Thousand Plateaus”, because it has a nice way of saying how they wanted to get rid of the Oedipus complex and how they failed…


And if we had more time, another week on this tip, we’d read from Frank B. Wildernson III, 2020, Afropessimism.

Including: Ch. 1 “For Halloween I Washed My Face” & “Epilogue – the new century”

-       Maybe also ch. 5 “the trouble with humans, part 1”

-       Pages 240-241 on fanon’s two different books… hmmm

-       Chapter 2, hard core…


Syllabus teaching moment?: Curious about Afropessimism ? Check these starter hits out:

-       “The Future is Black: Afropessimism, Fugitivity, and Radical Hope in Education,” edited by Carl A. Grant, Ashley N. Woodson, Michael J. Dumas.

-       “Doing Time in the (Psychic) Commons,” Frank B. Wilderson III 

-       Could perhaps watch this interview?:

-       Intro to Afropessimism: https://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780190280024/obo-9780190280024-0056.xml

-       “Constellations: Capitalism, Antiblackness, Afro-Pessimism, and Black Optimism,” William David Hart, 2018, American Journal of Theology & Philosophy 39(1): 5-33.