10.19 readings


·       Darian Leader and Judy Groves, 2000. Introducing Lacan. Graphic introduction.

o   --Pay particular attention to 18-29, 33, 41, 43, 51, 143, 165  (read what you need to to help these elements land). I’m assigning this because I feel we need some background on what Lacanian theory is in order to get the most out of Fanon this week, as well as other work we will continue to read inspired therefrom… But this is not a class on Lacan…  So don’t go crazy)


·       Frantz Fanon, 2008 (1952). Black Skin, White Masks. Grove Press

o   --Foreword by Kwame Anthony Appiah

o   –Introduction

o   –Chapter One: The Black Man and Language



·       For background on Fanon, why we read him, why others read him:

o   https://mronline.org/2017/08/23/a-revolutionary-lifeline-teaching-fanon-in-a-postcolonial-world/

o   &

o   https://www.abc.net.au/religion/why-reading-frantz-fanon-matters/12416602