10.5 readings


·       Prentis Hemphill
Street Somatics: Tips for Regulating Nervous Systems in Uprisings: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA3RW0uA8CW/?fbclid=IwAR1RLTI550APEDcqeSfDscrgF5o5qt4UTkXuOG_EMktTGjl-ZEtZVfE4av8


·       Joseph Dumit. 2002. “Is It Me or My Brain? Depression and Neuroscientific Facts.” Journal of Medical Humanities, 13.



·       Erica James, “Haunting Ghosts: Madness, Gender, and Ensekirite in Haiti in the Democratic Era.” In Postcolonial Disorders.

(I had this as an option for this class, but I think Dumit will serve us better at this point. Will leave James here for those interested; it's a great piece, I'll try to give you an overview in class)