9.9.21 readings


  • ·       Fernando Vidal and Francisco Ortega. Being Brains: Making the Cerebral Subject. Fordham University Press, 2017.

o   --Read Intro pages 1-6 and 9-11

o   --Read or at least skim Chapter 3, “Cerebralizing Distress”

o   --Available as an e-book, check out as much as you want!


  • -       Aurora Levins Morales, 2019. Medicine Stories: Essays for Radicals. Duke.

o   --Read “Ecology is Everything”


IF we had another week, we might read:

Beth Semel. “The Body Audible: From Vocal Biomarkers to a Phrenology of the Throat.” Somatosphere 2020: http://somatosphere.net/2020/the-body-audible.html/


Joseph Calabrese, 2008. “Clinical Paradigm Clashes: Ethnocentric and Political Barriers to Native American Efforts at Self-Healing.” Ethos 36(3): 334-353.