What's New in Moodle 2.6

On August 12th, Moodle received an upgrade and related improvements. There are some changes to be aware of- most are minor and/or superficial and we hope you will find most of them changes for the better. We do sympathize that some of them may take a little getting used to- as we all know, the only constant with technology is change, unfortunately!

What's New in Moodle 2.6

The Look

The Look

When the upgrade is complete, the first thing you will notice is that we have a new color scheme. The page elements and controls are all in the same place, but we now have a nice, clean, Hampshire-identified look to Moodle.

The new look and feel of the site is due to a new "responsive" theme Moodle is using, which makes the site easier to use on a wider range of devices and screen sizes. You'll notice that if you make your browser window larger or smaller the Moodle screen will adjust very nicely. This "responsive design" is crucial today, when so many of our students use mobile devices to access the web. 

We're also happy to say that this upgrade has fixed the issue with the text editor box getting cut off which some of you may have experienced!

It also enables you to get a decent print-out or PDF of a Moodle site which is something many faculty have been asking for.

It IS still possible to switch your course back to the old theme if you wish, just let us know.

The Editing Icons

The row of icons that was next to every link on the Moodle page has been replaced with a menu that has the same options, and some of the more commonly used icons ARE still there on the main screen, just in a slightly different spot.

New Text Editor (i.e. The Box You Type Into)

text box

Moodle 2.6 has a slightly different, simplified text editor interface. The options and controls are all the same, but you have to expand the toolbars if you want to see every single one (which most people don't, anyway). And again, the problem of text getting cut off is solved!

New Features:

Note that how-to guides for these new features are in progress, but the links below will get you started. Check back for more images and videos!

Collapsed Topics

We have a new course format option called "Collapsed Topics" that allows faculty to set up their site to have sections that toggle open and shut. No more scroll of death! Read more about it here.

Annotate a PDF

If students submit PDF's to you for an assignment, you can now mark it up and send the annotated version back to them, all within Moodle. Instructions here.

Moodle Makeovers 

We'd like to encourage all faculty to re-think how their page is organized and consider moving away from the default one-section-per-class-meeting date format which makes the page extremely long and hard to navigate or make changes to. There are many alternate ways to set up a Moodle page and many faculty and students are finding them much easier to use. It also enables you to take advantage of the new Collapsed Topics feature. We're happy to help make this happen for you and you can learn more about what we mean here.

Dock your Blocks!

A final recommendation for all: Dock your BlocksOne thing we were not able to change is that Moodle puts the Navigation and Administration (formerly called Settings) Blocks at the very top, thus bumping down more useful blocks. Docking solves this problem but it is up to each individual to do this. Here's how.

Check out our how-to website for more information on all these changes and new features. 

Asha Kinney is available to meet for an overview or refresher- just book a time at http://asha.youcanbook.me/ or email moodle@hampshire.edu with questions!

Last modified: Monday, August 24, 2015, 7:33 AM