Using Moodle to Keep Track of Assignment Completion

Setting assignments to use a grading scale lets you easily track who's submitted what, and gives you an at-a-glace report. Note that you can set Forums up in a similar way if you want to track who's posted or not. 

The first step is to set your assignments to use a grading scale.

1. In the assignment's settings (which you see when you're creating it, or click the "update" icon to get back into them), set the Grade to "Scale: Received or Not".

2. When reviewing and giving feedback on the assignments (see previous section for more info on this), you assign a "grade" to each student.

3. Find your Settings Block and click Grades.

This brings you to a Grader Report where you'll see a matrix of assignments and students.  

You can click the little box next to each student for a detailed report of their "grades" and the feedback you've left them.

Or, you can stay on this screen to assign grades.

    1. Click "Turn editing on"
    2. Use drop-down menus to assign "grades"
    3. Click "Update"
Explore the Menu for options for exporting reports and setting your preferences.

Last modified: Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 9:47 AM