Store Multiple Files in a Folder

You can set up a central folder to store the files used in your course, or use a folder to share a selection of files at once. Optionally, you can hide the folder from students' view and place files into sections as needed.

1. In the section where you want the folder to live, click the Add an activity or resource menu. 

add activity or resource

      • For a general course files folder, we suggest putting it in the very top, undated section (near the news forum).

2. Choose Folder and click Add.

3. Name the folder.

    • We suggest something like "Course Files".

4. Add files by dragging and dropping them in, or create sub-folders if desired.

  • You can even select multiple items at a time on your computer, and drag them all over at once.
  • You can also drag in a .zip file for mass uploads.
  • You can add more files later, too.

5. To edit (rename, delete, etc) files or folders, click on the File name or Folder menu icon.

6. Click Save and return to course at the bottom.

save and display

7. You'll see the folder on the main course page.

  • To add more files or edit the contents, click Edit next to the folder. 
Last modified: Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 11:46 AM