Upload Multiple Files* in One Step

If you have a folder of files on your computer, you can upload them all into Moodle in one easy step. This method has them appear in a "folder" on the main Moodle page.

1. Have a folder on your computer with all the files you need in one place.

2. Select all the files and right click (or control key + click if you're on a Mac laptop).

3. On a Mac: Choose "Compress 3 items". On a PC: Choose "Send to Compressed Folder".

4. You will end up with a .zip file.

      • Check the file size- if it's more than 500MB, it will exceed our upload size limit and you'll need to split your files into two (or more) batches.

5. Drag-and-drop the .zip file into the section of the course where you want the folder to live OR  go through the activity chooser and add a folder resource then upload the zip to it.

6. Once it’s on Moodle you can right-click it in the resource editing screen and choose to unzip it. Choose "Unzip Files" and click Upload. 

7. You'll have a folder of files!

8. Click the "update" icon next to the folder to edit the files it contains. 


Last modified: Friday, January 8, 2021, 4:13 PM