Upload Multiple Files in One Step

If you have a folder of files on your computer, you can upload them all into Moodle in one easy step. This method has them appear in a "folder" on the main Moodle page.

1. Have a folder on your computer with all the files you need in one place.

2. Select all the files and right click (or control key + click if you're on a Mac laptop).

3. On a Mac: Choose "Compress 3 items". On a PC: Choose "Send to Compressed Folder".

4. You will end up with a .zip file.

      • Check the file size- if it's more than 500MB, it will exceed our upload size limit and you'll need to split your files into two (or more) batches.

5. Drag the .zip file into the section of the course where you want the folder to live.

6. Choose "Unzip Files" and click Upload.

7. You'll have a folder of files!

8. Click the "update" icon next to the folder to edit the files it contains. 


Last modified: Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 1:40 PM