Change Your Course Format and Adjust Sections

Here's how to get into your course settings and adjust the format or number of sections.

  1.  Find your Administration Block and click Edit Settings under Course Administration.edit settings
  2. Scroll down to Course Format section and toggle it open.

  3. course format
  4. Choose your Format
    • Class by date format- The default format which gives you one section for each class meeting time.  Sections can now be toggled open and shut.
    • Single activity format - Not recommended! For displaying a single activity or resource (such as a Quiz or SCORM package) on the course page.
    • Social format - Not recommended! A forum is displayed on the course page.
    • Collapsed Topics - No longer recommended! If you'd like to use sections that can toggle open and shut, use class by date format - it has been updated to make that option available.
    • Topics format - The course page is organized into topic sections.
    • Weekly format - The course page is organized into weekly sections, with the first week starting on the course start date.
  5. Estimate how many sections you will need and adjust accordingly.
    • Bear in mind there are usually 13 weeks in a semester.
  6. If you are switching to a Weekly format, you will also want to go up to the Start Date menus and adjust the start day of the class to be on a Sunday.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.


To adjust the number of course sections from the course outline:

1. Turn Editing On.

2. Scroll to the very bottom and use the little Plus and Minus icons to add or remove sections.

Note: if you are re-arranging sections in order to accommodate for holidays or extra sessions, Moodle may "correct" the dates so that they remain in strict chronological order, even if you were trying to insert or remove dates.  In this case, it can be more convenient to add text to an existing section with a label than to re-name or shuffle all the dates.

Last modified: Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 5:21 PM