Getting to Know Your Moodle Course

A Moodle course is made up of blocks and an outline section.

Course page with blocks at top and right side and outline labeled


You can customize your view of Moodle by minimizing or "docking" the blocks that appear in the right column of your Moodle course. Minimizing lets you pop each block open and shut in place, and docking sends them over to the extreme left of the screen, where you can hover over with your mouse to view them.

dock and minimize icons on block

Docking only affects your view of Moodle, and won't affect how your students see the Moodle course for your class. For faculty, if you delete, hide, or move a block that will indeed to affect how students see your course.

We strongly recommend that everyone dock or minimize their Navigation and Administration blocks! These appear at the top of every course site and will bump out blocks that are usually more useful!

The Course Information Block has important information for students and is the only block in the main column of your course, right above the Course Outline. I really recommend that faculty minimize or dock the Course Information Block so you don't have to scroll past it every time you visit the Moodle course.

The Outline Section

The outline section usually contains the real meat of the course. This is where you add in all your readings, resources, and activities.

Course Format

The default format gives you a section for each class meeting date (called Class-By-Date), but you can choose alternate formats if you like in the course settings. Other formats include Weekly (one section per week), or Topics (organization by topic heading). See our instructions on changing your course format for more information.

Last modified: Thursday, August 24, 2017, 1:20 PM