Download All Course Files

Want to save all the readings, documents, and photos you have uploaded to a course in one place? Use the Download Instructor Files link to do just that.

NOTE: Download Instructor Files works for the files that you, or any other Instructor for your course, has uploaded, NOT files that have been added by TAs.  Bear this in mind when you use this feature.

  1. Click the Download Instructor Files link in your Administration block.
    Download instructor Files link in administration block
  2. Moodle will download a zip file containing all of the files you have uploaded to this Moodle course. (Be patient, this may take a few moments.)
  3. When the download is finished, it will display a popup like this one prompting you to save or open the file.  Choose Save file and click OK.
    open file browser popup
  4. The zip file will now be located in your Downloads folder on your computer.  Click to open it.  You will find a folder within the zip file that contains everything you have uploaded to your Moodle course.  You should rename the folder to something you can remember easily (like the title of the course) and save it somewhere you will be able to locate it later - either on your computer or on Google Drive.
Last modified: Friday, February 2, 2018, 3:42 PM