Adding Files from Google Docs or Dropbox

Note: This just brings a copy of the file into Moodle. If you update the Google Doc or Dropbox file it will NOT update in Moodle.

1. Click the Turn Editing on button

2. Click the Add an activity or resource menu in the section where you want the file to live.

3. Choose File.

4. Name your file. 

      • This text will appear as the link on the main course page. 
      • The description is optional, but you can have it appear on the main course page by checking off the box.

5. Click the Add button in the Content Section


6. Choose Google Docs or Dropbox in the lefthand column, and click Log In.

7. A log in screen will pop up. Log in with your Google Docs or Dropbox account.

      • Your login info just goes to the Google or Dropbox service and is NOT stored in Moodle.

8. If you get a screen like this for either service, say Allow.

9. You will see your Google or Dropbox files.

10. Click the file you want to add.

11. Click "Select this file".

12. Click Save and return to course.

13. You'll see the file on your course page. Click Edit to make changes or the pencil icon to rename.

Last modified: Friday, July 28, 2017, 3:38 PM