Tracking Assignment Completion with Moodle

Setting assignments to use a grading scale lets you easily track who's submitted what, and gives you an at-a-glace report.

Set-Up: Set Your Assignment to use a Grading Scale

In the assignment's settings (either as you're creating it, or by clicking on Edit > Edit Settings), set the Grade to Scale: Received or Not.
assignment setup grading options

Assigning and Viewing "Grades"

  1. When reviewing and giving feedback on the assignments (see section on giving feedback for more information), you assign a "grade" to each student.
    grade options in grading interface
    You can also create your own grading scale if something different would be more useful to you.
  2. Find your Navigation Block and click Grades.
    Navigation block with grades link
    This brings you to a Grader Report where you'll see a matrix of assignments and students. 
  3. You can click the grid icon next to each student for a detailed report of their "grades" and the feedback you've left them.
    grader report example
  4. Or, you can stay on this screen to assign grades to all students.  Make sure to Turn Editing On so you can make changes.
    assigning grades
  5. With Editing Turned On, use the drop-down menus to assign a "grade" for each student.  Make sure you to click Save Changes when you're finished!
You can also explore the Menu for options for exporting reports and setting your preferences.
grader menu
Note: It is possible to set up Forums in a similar way with a grading scale, but it requires a few extra steps.  Let us know if you'd like help with it!
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