Reviewing Assignments "Offline"

This is a new feature of Moodle 2.4, which lets you conduct the process of writing feedback on students assignments, and/or reviewing and leaving feedback in files, offline. You then upload the feedback and/or files back to Moodle in one step. 

1. Find your Activities Block and click Assignments.

2. Click the name of the assignment you want to review.

3. Click "View/Grade" all submissions.

4. To review submitted files: click the "Grading Actions" menu and choose "Download all submissions".


5. Optional: To leave feedback comments only: click the "Grading Actions" menu and choose "Download Grading Worksheet". If you don't see this option, go in and update or edit the settings of the assignment and check "Offline Grading Worksheet" in the Feedback Types section.

6. Review student submissions and/or enter feedback.

  • Files: Student submissions will be in a .zip file- unzip it and you will have a folder of the student's files. You can open them and leave feedback within these files- just DON'T rename them!

  • If you downloaded a grading worksheet you will have a .csv file that you can open in Excel and leave feedback comments in the "feedback comments" column. Don't rename the file!!

7. Close all the files and/or the spreadsheet. Make sure not to re-name anything!

8. Re-zip the student files you left comments in (if you only entered feedback comments into a spreadsheet you can skip to step 10).

  • Select all the files.
    • Mac: Right click > Compress (or File Menu > Compress)
    • Windows: Right Click > Send to > Compressed folder.
  • Be sure to have only the files selected and not the folder they were inside of, it won't work if you zip the folder. 
  • It doesn't matter what the name of this .zip file is as long as the individual file names are unchanged. 

9. Back in the Moodle assignment review screen, click the "Grading Actions" menu and choose "Upload multiple feedback files in a .zip".


  • Choose your file or drag it into Moodle, and click "Import Feedback File". 
  • You will see your feedback files appear in the "Feedback files" column in each student's row (you may have to scroll the grid to the right to see them).

10. To upload comments left in a "grading worksheet" (step 5) to Moodle: click the "Grading Actions" menu and choose "Upload grading worksheet".

  • Find and choose the file, or drag it into Moodle, and click "Update grading worksheet". 

  • You may need to check "Allow updating records that have been modified more recently in Moodle than in the spreadsheet" if you just uploaded feedback files. It won't overwrite the files, it will just allow your comments to be added. 
  • You will see your comments appear in "Feedback comments" columns of each student's row (you may have to scroll the grid to the right to see them). 
Last modified: Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 8:29 AM