View Assignments and Give Feedback

Once students have submitted their responses to your assignment, you can leave written feedback for them, or upload a file of your own in response.

If you have set up this assignment to use a Grading scale, you can also use Moodle's "grading" function to keep track of who's submitted what.

Reviewing Assignment Submissions

The first step after you students have submitted their assignments is for you to see who has submitted what.

  1. Find your Activities Block and click Assignments.
    activities block with assignments link
  2. Click the name of the assignment you want to review.
    one assignment selected
  3. On the following page, you will see a grading summary for this assignment. You can click View all submissions to see a detailed view of your students' submission status. (If you'd prefer to go straight to the grading interface, click grade and skip to the Grading Interface section below)
    assignment detail page
  4. In the detailed view, there is a lot going on. Here are your options:
    assignment summary grid
  1. The Status column can give you a quick look at which of your students have submitted their assignments.
  2. Click a student's Grade icon to enter the Grading Interface (see below).
  3. You'll see your students' work in here, in the Online Text and File Submissions columns. If you want to download just one student's submitted file, you can click the title of their document.
  4. You can use the Grading Action drop-down menu to download all submissions at once. This is where you start the process to review assignments "offline".
  5. Note: There are further columns containing your responses to your students extending to the right of the chart. To view them, use the scroll bar beneath the final student row of the chart. It's easy to miss if you have a long list of students.

Grading Interface

In the top bar of the grading interface, you'll see Student and Assignment Information.

grading interface header bar

  • At the top left, you have a link back to the course page, and to the assignment page.
  • In the center, you will see information for the student whose assignment you are currently assessing.
  • At the right, you can use the arrows or drop-down menu to switch between the students in the course.

Student Submission: You can read any online text the student submitted, or click on the link to download an assignment, in this section.

student submission information

Grade Information: If you are using a grading scale for the assignment, you can assign a grade in this next section.

grade input section

Feedback: You can leave text comments or upload files in response to your student's work.

instructor feedback text and file boxes

Remember to save your changes using the button at the bottom of the page!

save button

Switching the Grader View: If your students are submitting PDFs for their assignment, you can view and comment on them directly in Moodle. To do so, use the icons at the bottom right. You can switch to a view where the submitted document and the grading interface are side-by-side, or a view where you are only viewing the submitted document. See the page in this guide about annotating PDFs for more information.

change view buttons

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