About the Temporary Enrollment Role

A new role in Moodle called “Temporary Enrollment” will allow faculty to manually give students access to their Moodle sites (in the event of a slow-processing registration, for instance) while providing safeguards and reminders to ensure that official registrations get processed. This will prevent the frequent problem of students and faculty assuming a registration had been processed, because the student could access Moodle, when in fact it was not.

Here’s how it works. A faculty member can manually add a student to a Moodle site, but instead of adding them into the “Student” role, they will use a the role called “Temporary Enrollment”.

The Temporary Enrollment role will give a student full Moodle access for two weeks- ample time to get a registration processed. A student in this role will receive email reminders to check their registration’s progress, and faculty will see a block in their course listing which students are using Temporary Enrollment. Once the student’s registration is processed, they will automatically switch over to the Student role, the email reminders will cease, and the block will disappear.

We think this is a good mix of providing the ability to give short-term access to a Moodle site while preventing long-term registration problems. Faculty will still be able to give access to a Moodle site using the Teaching Assistant and Auditing Student roles, so that will provide flexibility as needed.

You can also read our full instructions for adding a student to your Moodle site.

Last modified: Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 4:26 PM