Icons and the Edit Menu

Turning on editing will allow you to see several icons and an edit menu for each activity or resource you have added to your Moodle page.

The Icons:

- Edit the name of a resource.

- Click, hold, and drag the Move icon to move your link or resource to a new location. Watch for a thin black line between items in the background- this indicates where it will go when you release the mouse.

The Edit Menu:

Edit menu

    • Edit Settings lets you lets you edit both the settings and the main text of your resource or activity.
    • Move Right shifts the link to your resource or activity to the right. This can be useful for arranging resources in an outline-like structure.
      • If you have already used "Move Right", you'll see a "Move Left" option in the Edit Menu too, allowing you to shift it back in the other direction.
    • Show (or Hide) controls whether or not students viewing your course can see the resource or activity.
      • Items that are hidden appear greyed-out in your course to indicate that they are only visible to you, not your students.
    • Duplicate makes a copy of the resource or activity.
    • Delete removes the resource or activity.

- the Groups Icon and Assign Roles option in the Edit Menu can both be safely ignored. Get in touch with us if you want to set up groups for your course.

Last modified: Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 3:46 PM