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Instructor Info:Samuel Kanner
Office Extension x5729
Term: 2014S
Meeting Info: Tuesday Thursday
05:15 PM - 06:45 PM Robert Crown Center 21
05:15 PM - 06:45 PM Robert Crown Center 21
Description: Intermediate Kyudo: Students will revisit and review equipment handling, maintenance and the practice of Shichido. Introduced at the intermediate level is a two-arrow form called Hitote. Both will be practiced at short range and then gradually at a more distant target. Students will learn the difference of equipment necessary for long-range shooting and how to synchronize with other archers in practice. In order to harmonize with others, relinquishment of the ego becomes apparent. Being too fast or too slow during the process of the form is an indication of unwanted individuality. At longer distances, do not become preoccupied with aiming at the target but rather aligning to it. Do not allow the desire of hitting the target to steal your head or your heart. Prerequisite: OPRA 0115. Class will meet in the South Lounge, 2nd floor of the Robert Crown Center. 5-College students will be graded pass/fail.