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Instructor Info:Rebecca Nordstrom
Office Extension x5546
TA Info:Lisa Profeta
Term: 2014S
Meeting Info: Tuesday Thursday
02:00 PM - 03:20 PM Music and Dance Building MAIN
02:00 PM - 03:20 PM Music and Dance Building MAIN

Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is a dynamic system for describing, classifying and understanding human movement. Developed by Rudolf Laban, an important scholar and visionary in the field of movement studies, LMA addresses both quantitative and qualitative characteristics of movement. Through study and physical exploration of Body, Space, Effort and Shape concepts, students will examine their own movement patterns and preferences (with the potential for expanding personal repertoire), and develop skill in observing and analyzing the movement of others within a range of artistic, social and cultural contexts. The course material is of value to students working in a range of disciplines (such as dance, theater, psychology, education, physical education, non-verbal communication, kinesiology, anthropology, cultural studies, etc.) and there will be ample opportunity for exploration and application of LMA concepts to a wide range of individual interests. Prior experience in dance or other kinds of movement trainings are welcomed but not required, however students must be willing to engage fully and energetically in all the movement activities.

Course Objectives:

*To develop an understanding of and facility with the basic LMA concepts, vocabulary and notation symbols.

*To improve skills in observation, description and analysis of movement and to better understand the ways in which human movement reflects and reveals both personal and cultural identities and values.

*To hone skills in critical and analytical thinking, speaking and writing.

*To increase awareness of one’s own movement patterns and preferences.

*To successfully complete an independent project using the LMA framework to investigate a particular question or area of interest.

Evaluation Criteria:

Evaluation is based on quality of in-class participation (movement activities and discussions), successful completion of all assignments, and attendance at all required events.  (Regular class attendence is critical as the understanding of LMA concepts involves experiential/embodied learning).

Additional Info:

All papers must be typed and printed out on hard copy (please no email). Wear clothing comfortable to move in (Please no jeans or clothing with zippers, buckles or belts).  The studio can be cold, dress in layers!  In the event of bad weather or other emergency check your email for cancelation announcements. No food, drink (except water), chewing gum, or street shoes are allowed in the dance studios. (Please help us keep them clean and beautiful for all to enjoy).