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Instructor Info:Amy Dryansky
Office Extension x5730
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Tuesday
06:00 PM - 08:50 PM Emily Dickinson Hall (EDH) 5

Sometimes translating ideas in your head into words on the page can be daunting. Sometimes you just don't feel "inspired." We'll learn strategies to work with those awkward moments, use writing prompts to generate the raw material of poetry and look at strategies for revision that keep the work alive. Most of all, we'll honor "mistakes" as a path to brilliance. Emphasis on creating and revising new work, but we'll also practice reading/performing work, introduce ourselves to a variety of writers and poetic forms, and develop a shared vocabulary for our critical thinking. We will concentrate on creating a supportive community of individuals able to give as well as receive helpful and productive feedback. No prerequisites, but a prior college-level creative writing course is helpful. An ideal course for students in their 3rd semester contemplating a Division II in Creative Writing.

Additional Info:

In this course, students are expected to spend at least six to eight hours a week of preparation and work outside of class time.  This time includes reading poems, essays and the work of their peers; creative and critical writing; commenting on peer writing for workshop and revising poems.