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Instructor Info:Suzette Spencer
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Monday
02:30 PM - 05:20 PM Franklin Patterson Hall (FPH) 104

An exploration of the "African-New World Diaspora" through critical and creative texts-written and visual "narratives"-some fictional, some factual, some theoretical. Inquiries include: What is this thing called the "African Diaspora?" What does it name? What are its meanings? What can these meanings make us see, hear, remember, imagine, theorize , translate, try to transform? What does the "African diaspora" offer as intellectual category, as encounter, endeavor, future promise? How are "diasporicities" produced, practiced and experienced? These questions exceed purely racial and cultural phenomena or ties to singular geographical regions, and expose dynamic links between and among seemingly disconnected yet interrelated global populations affiliated by diverse yet conversant histories and migrations. Authors/Creators of fictional and critical-theoretical works pertaining to diaspora may include Olaudah Equiano, Henry Box Brown, Martin Delany, Lawrence Hill, Saidiya Hartman, Michelle Cliff, Barbara Chase-Riboud, James Clifford, Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Robin Kelley, Brent Edwards, Katrina Browne. Requirements: presentations, research-papers, independent projects, attendance.