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Instructor Info:Karen Warren
Office Extension x5470
TA Info:Joe Olbrych
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Wednesday
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM Robert Crown Center FOYER

The Connecticut River Valley is a bioregion rich in natural variety and beauty. This course will be an opportunity to explore the natural places in our own backyard while examining the concept of wilderness in contemporary society. The social, spiritual, ecological, artistic, accessible and personal perspectives of wilderness will be the foundation of this place-based education class. By hiking and paddling we will attempt to develop a sense of place with some truly magical local outdoor sites. Readings and projects will further develop this concept of a backyard wilderness. Each class will venture outdoors to participate in activities including a swamp walk, working with a outdoor universal access program, using primitive earth-based skills, and overnight camping in order to understand wilderness perspectives experientially. Class is co-taught with Joe Olbrych. THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS.

Evaluation Criteria:

1.  ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION:  The foundation of this course rests on engaged participation from all involved therefore consistent, high quality participation in all aspects of the course is expected.  Students missing more than one class will not receive an evaluation (or Five College pass).  CEL-1 credit is available to anyone completing the course.


2.  CLASS BLOG:  You will have 2 opportunities to serve as the blog host and write and illustrate an extensive report on the class.  You should also maintain an active presence on the blog at other times.


3.  ACTIVITY AND READINGS FACILITATION:  You will have an opportunity to facilitate the readings for one class session by the use of an experiential activity that will effectively illuminate the readings for the day.  These sessions can be richly innovative and experiential and they must explore the readings in greater depth.


4.  ACTION PROJECTS: Throughout the course, you will be asked to apply what you have learned in a series of action projects.  Projects may include interviews, involved visits, service learning, outside observations, and group facilitation.


5.  FINAL PROJECT:  This will be a culminating project based on reflection about the meaning of the concept of backyard wilderness to you.  As a class we will decide the direction of the project.  One goal is for you to have written work for your Divisional portfolios that represents learning in this class.