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Instructor Info:Herbert Bernstein
Office Extension x5573
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Thursday
02:00 PM - 05:00 PM Cole Science Center 202
Description: From energy systems, to economic crises, to protection against terrorists; from supplying new food organisms, to drone warfare in the Middle East; our modern society turns to science for solutions. But the sciences also proliferate side effects -- ranging from toxic military pollution, through unforeseen biological disruption, to global warming & political backlash. Do we need "new ways of knowing" to address the personal/political problem of combining disciplinary excellence with social good? Participants study reconstructive knowledge and APPLY it to their own work. We read the instructor's two books and those of Foucault, Keller, etc., to help reconstruct what we each DO as knowledge workers -- our projects, concentrations & theses. The real-world efforts at ISIS (Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Study) help launch creative discussion of our own work. Previous students commend this course for remarkable effects in divisional work, graduate school, and their professional lives. Prerequisites: some experience with critical analysis and a well-developed (undergraduate) field of excellence.