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Instructor Info:Jason Howey
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Friday
01:00 PM - 05:00 PM Arts Barn STUDIO 2
Description: Artists throughout history have consciously constructed artistic personas in order to access creative impulses perhaps not readily available to them without such a facade. This class examines to what degree the role of performer/pretender is an inherent part of any creative act (and if it is possible to acknowledge the existence of such a charade while still pursuing authentic forms of artistic expression). By delving into the fictive and performative aspects of art making, we will debate the many ways artistic gestures can be "read" and discuss the possible ways gestural vocabularies can be undermined in order to open new and unexpected avenues for creative expression. Our format will consist of a collection of assignments, in class discussions, readings, screenings and mid-semester/final critiques. Requisite: Nomination by the Art Departments of each of the Five Colleges. Enrollment is limited to 15 (a maximum of three students from each of the five colleges).