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Instructor Info:Talya Kingston
Office Extension x5748
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Monday
02:00 PM - 05:00 PM Music and Dance Building SMALL

This seminar is designed for first or second semester Division III students whose project involves some aspect of theatre. Seminar participants will be expected to read some key performance texts and discuss them in relation to their own work, as well as helping to select readings relevant to their area of focus. We will also attend performances and participate in workshops led by theatre practitioners. Considerable time throughout the semester will be devoted to students' presentation of works in progress, peer editing, and sharing strategies for completing large independent projects. Assignments will include brief reaction papers, as well as the creation of an annotated bibliography and an artist statement that could be incorporated into the Division III project. This seminar can be used as an advanced educational activity.

Course Objectives:

To develop a supportive network of Div III theatre concentrators – each student will be given an opportunity to workshop a piece and each student should commit to attending the other’s performances and attending the theatre together.

To keep creativity going as you specialize – what can you learn about your own project when you immerse yourself in a different type of theatre for an afternoon?

To develop your work as well as the beginnings of a bibliography of supporting scholarship and productions in the general area.

To articulate the creative aims and ostentatious ambitions of your art in a way that is inspirational to others and yourself.

Evaluation Criteria:

participation participation participation!

an articulate and well presented manifesto.

an anotated bibliogrpahy of performances and texts.

a self evaluation.

Additional Info:

This program will save you a lot of time and format all your anotations and footnotes for you.  I highly recommend this workshop to you:

Zotero workshops:

We will be holding student workshops in the library on using Zotero to manage research projects twice a month all fall, every other Friday beginning Sept. 27th.   Sessions will be held in the IT training room, 3rd floor of the library, from 11am - 12pm..