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Instructor Info:John Slepian
Office Extension x6199
TA Info:Sophia Pustejovsky
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Tuesday Thursday
09:30 AM - 11:59 AM Arts Barn STUDIO 2
09:30 AM - 11:59 AM Arts Barn STUDIO 2

The contemporary practice of art is less and less dependent on any particular disciplinary skill. Nonetheless, making art is very much still a rigorous process. It depends on highly developed critical, sensory and communicative skills. This studio art course is an introduction to some of the basic questions a contemporary artist must answer: What rules will guide the making of my work? What forms and materials will be best for what I wish to express? How can my work metaphorically embody my ideas? We will answer these questions and more through a series of collaborative and individual projects, readings and viewings, and frequent group critiques--the process of critique itself being one of the foundations of a successful art practice. Some familiarity with an art medium could be helpful, but is not necessary.

Evaluation Criteria:

Of course, evaluations are based on everyone's individual work, where one starts from and end up. But here's a basic breakdown of how I'll be evaluating--

  • In class work:  30%
  • Out-of-class work (homework, everything done not during class time): 40%
  • Class participation: 30%

Written Assignment
There are very few reading/writing assigments in this class. Missing more than one will result in no evaluation for the class. They must be done on time.

In order to receive an evaluation for the class you will be required to turn in a portfolio of your assignments (not in-class work). This needs to be something you can give me, so NOT original work. You will be providing documentation. This will be in digital form, either as an email, web site, or disk. Details will be provided well in advance.

Documentation can be in many forms. Most common, is of course, a photo. Photos work well for paintings, drawings and sculpture. Try to take the best photo you can. If a work moves or changes over time, then video would be appropriate. Some work, if it is highly conceptual, could benefit from a little text. Some documentation of a process or idea based work, could be just text, but thats pretty unusual.