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Instructor Info:Charles Malloch
TA Info:Micah Savitzky
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Thursday
12:30 PM - 03:50 PM Lemelson Center for Design 113
12:30 PM - 03:50 PM Lemelson Center for Design SHOP

This course will familiarize the student with some of the basic creative applications of electronics. A central element in this process will be examining and modifying common electronic devices. This approach focuses on the physical and functional aspects of electronics and encourages an understanding of application through hands on experience rather than a study of theory. This also encourages the student to look to preexisting devices for artistic materials rather than building everything from scratch. This will be a project based course and most in class time will be spent experimenting and building. Prior experience with electronics is not necessary, but the student should be comfortable using simple hand tools. Each student will be supplied with a course kit. This will include all the necessary tools as well as a variety of common and useful electrical components.

Evaluation Criteria:

You are expected to come to class on time, do all the assignments as they are given and keep up with the work. If you are having  trouble with an assignment, please ask for help right away. 

In order to get an evaluation for this class, you must attend class regularly and complete all assignments. If you are ill and miss a class, you are responsible for making up the work.