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Instructor Info:Sara Rafferty
Office Extension x6877
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Wednesday
09:00 AM - 11:50 AM Arts Barn STUDIO 2

This class calls into question genre specificity and thematic orientation and instead examines the constructs and the philosophical tenets of work. Through independent work in multiple media - including drawing, painting, and basic printmaking, as well as performance, sculpture, installation - students will call into question value structures and assumptions of work in an individual artistic practice. Focusing on the manners of work that typically define art schools, collectives, and concepts of the American "workplace," including the concept of an American work ethic will be foreground. Discussions regarding labor, duties, tasks, exertion, and industry will augment physical studio projects and performances. Readings will include Herman Melville, Carl Andre, Alain de Botton, Helen Molesworth, Joan Didion among others. Contemporary artists will be discussed. This class will also include several collaborative projects, including some that engage the broader community. You will be expected to work. Prerequisite: at least four studio art classes. A minimum of 8 hours per week outside of class time. Open to artists in Division III and late Division II.

Course Objectives:

•Investigate notions of artistic labor

•Investigate historical and contemporary artists who work with notions of labor, work, and art-work

•Production and conception of various artworks, both individually and in collaboration

•Develop a critical vocabulary for discussing contemporary and historical issues in art

•Understand artist's processes, methods, and histories

Evaluation Criteria:

•Presence (of mind and body) in class (including punctuality)

•Timely completion of homework assignments

•Participation, which may include: listening to presentations and instruction, being prepared and
working in class, sharing ideas, concepts, and creative explorations, conceptual development with
other students and group projects, analyzing and offering opinions about work in progress and completed works, and being an active participant during critiques and discussions

•Each individual artist's personal, cumulative trajectory, process, and growth over the semester

•Ability to communicate with professor via in class interface, email correspondence, and moodle

•The equivalent of three week's worth of missed classes will result in NO EVALUATION

•Schedule subject to change

•Homework and readings will be conveyed electronically through email or posted to moodle.

Additional Info:



Readings will be conveyed via moodle.

An open mind and willingness to experiment are very important to this class.