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Instructor Info:Andrea Dezso
Term: 2013F
Meeting Info: Thursday
05:30 PM - 08:20 PM Arts Barn STUDIO 2
Description: The inspiration for this class comes from flash-mobs, art interventions, ephemeral public art, improvisation, and art that invites individuals or communities to participate; art that is focused on the experience, fleeting and fragile, not the artifact. Small groups of students will work hands-on to create engaging participatory projects. They will research, plan, create, test, perform --or iterate their projects, as needed-- and document their process. Studio time will be used to present and critique in-progress work. Presentations, readings and documentary screenings will round out our work. Students will be expected to document their process using sketchbooks, drawing, digital photography, video, laptops or tablets and to work a minimum of 5 hours a week outside of class time.