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Course Information

Instructor Info:Sara Rafferty
Office Extension x6877
TA Info:Graham Vunderink
Tara Morrison
Term: 2013S
Meeting Info: Tuesday Thursday
06:00 PM - 08:20 PM Arts Barn STUDIO 2
06:00 PM - 08:20 PM Arts Barn STUDIO 2

This fundamental painting course will use the fundamental ideas of mediation - from painting from extant photographic images to paintings produced using systems and process. Students will gain experience in the fundamentals of painting, including composition, color, material choices and technical considerations such as preparing surfaces and mixing paint. We will explore a range of painting surfaces, sizes, and materials. Students will be expected to work a minimum of 6 hours a week outside of class time.

Course Objectives:

•Learn the fundamentals of technical painting with water-based oils, acrylics, and alternative materials

•Beginning materials handling for works on paper, painting supports, and multimedia artworks

•Investigate expansive notions of meanings and connotations in contemporary art

•Develop a critical vocabulary for discussing contemporary and historical issues in art

•Understand artist's processes, methods, and histories

•Understand the basics of painting as a field of inquiry 



Evaluation Criteria:

•Presence (of mind and body) in class (including punctuality)

•Timely completion of homework assignments

•Participation, which may include: listening to presentations and instruction, being prepared and working in class, sharing ideas, concepts, and creative explorations, conceptual development with other students and group projects, analyzing and offering opinions about work in progress and com pleted works, and being an active participant during critiques and discussions

•Each individual artist's personal, cumulative trajectory, process, and growth over the semester

•Ability to communicate with professor via in class interface, email correspondence, and moodle

•The equivalent of three week's worth of missed classes will result in NO EVALUATION



Additional Info:

Schedule subject to change

Homework and readings will be conveyed electronically through email or posted to moodle. 


TEXTBOOK: Painting by Terry Myers ISBN 978-0262515672 and additional readings posted to moodle