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Instructor Info:Wilson Valentin-Escobar
Office Extension x5102
Term: 2013S
Meeting Info: Monday
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Franklin Patterson Hall (FPH) 102
Description: This upper level course aims to read and evaluate some of the past and new key texts in the field of Latin@ Studies. Some of the themes and issues to be covered are Chicana and Puerto Rican social movements, feminist theory, colonialism and decolonial efforts, sports history(ies), artistic and creative expressions, labor organizing, and military resistance efforts, among others. Each student is expected to engage in an independent, archival research project and complete either a 25-30 final research paper or a comprehensive annotated bibliography on a topic within the field of Latin@ Studies. This course will help you to develop the research skills required for a Division III project within the School of Critical Social Inquiry. This is an advanced seminar which requires the satisfactory completion of a U.S. Latin@ studies course. Instructor Permission Only.