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Course Information

Instructor Info:Jana Silver
Office Extension x5671
TA Info:Shantu Ealy
Rachel Friedman
Term: 2013S
Meeting Info: Monday
02:30 PM - 05:20 PM Franklin Patterson Hall (FPH) 102

This course will explore methods of teaching art to children in grades K-6. Class meetings will include discussions and exploration of contemporary issues within the field of Art Education. We will focus on theoretical and practical approaches to teaching the visual arts. Students will work in groups and individually to plan lessons for elementary school children and experience hands-on teaching in a local elementary school.

Course Objectives:

In this class students will:

  • Learn methods and explore art materials and techniques appropriate for a K-6 art program.
  • Become familiar with behavior, academic and circumstantial situations which might arise in a K-6 art classroom.
  • Explore issues within the field of art education
  • Plan and develop the logistical requirements necessary for creating an after-school art program.
  • Experience working as a team using group consensus to make decisions.
  • Learn to plan and facilitate art lessons for elementary school children.


Evaluation Criteria:

Since this class meets once a week, this means missing one class is equivalent to missing an entire week.  More than two absences are unacceptable in this class.  Punctual attendance is mandatory! If missing class is unavoidable it is up to you to, catch up on what you missed in class, look up the weekly assignment on Moodle, talk to other students to find out what was covered in class and meet with the teacher or a TA if necessary. You are required to hand in all of your course work.  Assignments missed will be noted in your evaluation and an unacceptable amount of missing course work will result in no evaluation for this class.