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Instructor Info:Uzma Khan
Office Extension x6074
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Monday
01:00 PM - 03:50 PM Emily Dickinson Hall (EDH) 4
Description: Through reading novels in a range of styles and from a range of places, we'll look at how fictional characters are shaped by history. What are the tools writers use to create their characters, and are these tools any different from those used to make characters that don't exist in a historical setting? Equally, how do we talk about character in historical fiction? Are we looking for a portrayal that in some way complements our understanding of a time and place, one that challenges it - or both, often at the same time? This course will also explore how to write "good" historical fiction. The focus will be on critical reading and writing, but you'll also be encouraged to submit at least one original work of creative writing for which you'll need to do research, all while keeping in mind that you aren't writing a text book but a narrative. "Fact checking" the background of your character(s) by doing some basic homework while at the same time remaining true to your imagining of the story is one of the many challenges this course will embrace.