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Course Information

Instructor Info:Andrea Dezso
TA Info:Shona Warwick-Smith
Jordan Seefried
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Tuesday Thursday
09:30 AM - 11:50 AM Arts Barn STUDIO 2
09:30 AM - 11:50 AM Arts Barn STUDIO 2

Students will gain experience in the fundamentals of painting, including composition, color, material choices and technical considerations. We will explore a range of painting surfaces: paper, canvas, board and wall; sizes: miniature to monumental; and paints including water and oil-based. Assignments will include color compositions, landscape, self-portrait and figure painting. We will also explore conceptual painting and work inspired by street art and graffiti.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this class are to introduce students to the fundamentals of painting through hands-on work and exposure to a number of painting media, materials and approaches.

Evaluation Criteria:

Students are expected to save all work created during the semester (a.k.a. the portfolio) and present the complete portfolio to the instructor during the last class of the semester. Evaluations will be contingent upon attendance, timely completion of all in-class and homework assignments, sketchbook and classroom participation. More than two unexcused absences might result in a “No-Eval”.

Students who miss a class are expected to find out what they missed from a classmate and make up the work in a timely manner. I do not provide critique and/or make-up sessions for missed class via email or during office hours.

Additional Info:


Students are expected to be set up and be ready to work when class starts. You might have to arrive a few minutes early to set up. Students are expected to clean up after themselves before the end of class. 

Materials List
Packets of painting materials and tools will be provided by the studio. There will be a $60 lab fee to help offset these expenses. You will need to provide a water container, a glue stick, a sketchbook (at least 8 x 10 size) and a lock for your studio storage locker.

Studio Storage
Your materials and works in progress may be stored at the Art Barn. There are mid-sized storage lockers for which you will need a lock. Paintings on paper can be stored in the flat files toward the back of the studio and fresh-- not dry-- paintings on board or canvas can be stored on the storage racks in the front. Please note that only the storage lockers are lockable. It is every student’s responsibility to save their work until the end of the semester so please take precautions about where you leave your work.