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Instructor Info:Sara Rafferty
Office Extension x6877
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Friday
09:00 AM - 11:50 AM Arts Barn STUDIO 2

This studio art course explores the ethos of accident and planned-unplannedness in order to exploit aesthetics of damage, spontaneity, humanity, and fallibility, as opposed to perfection, order, and machine-produced elements. Questions of controlled destruction and authorial intention will be set against a backdrop of modernist practices (think Jackson Pollock) and more recent trends in taping, machining, and using fabricated elements in paintings and sculptures. Dialogues around FAILURE and CHANCE in artmaking will be paramount. The role of the hand-made, virtuosity, and perfection will be considered throughout art history and technological advances as prompts in the making of new artworks. Students will be expected to make artworks weekly outside of class, while in class time will be devoted to material demonstrations, artist presentations, critiques, museum visits, and collaborative projects. Prerequisite: at least one fundamental studio art course, permission of instructor. Students will be expected to procure supplies. Prerequisite: at least one fundamental studio art course

Course Objectives:

•Advanced materials handling for works on paper, painting, and multimedia or sculptural artworks
•Explorations into the processes, concepts, and methods in making contemporary artworks
•Understanding of recent developments in art
•Development of a critical vocabulary for discussing contemporary and historical issues in art
•Understanding of artists’ processes, methods, and histories

Evaluation Criteria:

•Presence (of mind and body) in class (including punctuality)
•Timely completion of homework assignments
•Participation, which may include: listening to presentations and instruction, being prepared for class meetings, sharing ideas, concepts, and creative explorations, conceptual development with other students and group projects, analyzing and offering opinions about work in progress and completed works, and being an active participant during critiques and discussions
•Each individual artist's personal, cumulative trajectory, process, and growth over the semester
•The equivalent of three week's worth of missed classes will result in NO EVALUATION

Additional Info:

FAILURE, Edited by Lisa Le Feuvre (Documents of Contemporary Art/MIT)
CHANCE, Edited by Margaret Iversen (Documents of Contemporary Art/MIT)

•Materials will be chosen by students, but could end up costing up to $200 for the semester, realistically
•Schedule subject to change.
•Homework and readings will be conveyed electronically through email and, if preferred, text message.

The primary objective of this class is to create a body of work that engages with the ideas of accident, chance, failure, and human falibility. In the service of this objective, we will produce weekly works for group and individual critique. The class is not media specific. This syllabus is a living document, and is a plan for the course of the semester. The class should be fun, experimental, and generative.
Note: Moodle and email/in class announcements will always supersede deadlines printed in this document.

Staggered Assignment:
•Report on an artist: Choose an artist from the “List of Artists” (or propose an alternative) and present 10-20 images or 2-3 video clips along with a 1000 word “review” of the artist’s work.
(Students will sign up for a presentation day, one each throughout the semester.)