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Course Information

Instructor Info:William Kramer
TA Info:Vanessa Bellini
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Monday Wednesday
01:00 PM - 02:20 PM Emily Dickinson Hall (EDH) 5
01:00 PM - 02:20 PM Emily Dickinson Hall (EDH) 5

How does a designer figure out what a script would look like? How does s/he get inside the script and translate those ideas into sets, or costumes or lights? In this course we will examine the role of the designer and a process of developing artistic responses to the script. What methods do designers use to communicate? How do they read the script? How do they talk to other designers, the director or other members of the production team? We will analyze the way designers make artistic choices. In this course we will work with a script, figure out a process and practice the tools of presentation.

Course Objectives:

This course is structured for beginning designers, directors, actors or those interested in just another aspect of the design process and theatre making. Students will be responsible for two designs during the course of the semester. Together, the two design responses will constitute the project aspect of the course. Additionally, students will do presentations in dramaturgical research.

Evaluation Criteria:

In order to receive course evaluations, students must complete all assignments, miss not more than two classes and offer a self-evaluation and portfolio of work at the end of the course. As with all theatre courses, each student is asked, also, to perform five hours of crew work.