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Instructor Info:Charles Ross
Office Extension x5576
John Castorino
Office Extension x6239
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Monday
02:30 PM - 05:30 PM Cole Science Center 2-OPEN
Description: This course is intended for Div III and advanced Div II students who are committed to proposing, developing, or carrying-through research projects involving techniques commonly used in a molecular biology lab. Students will learn intermediate to advanced approaches, protocols, and strategies for molecular biology. Depending on student projects, methods may include advanced PCR (inverse, nested, multiplexed, primer-based mutatagenesis), qPCR, genomic and cDNA library construction, RNA and protein expression, hybridization methods, cloning and transformation strategies, imaging, cell-tissue culture, bioinformatics, and assessment of genomic variation. Readings will draw from primary literature, and students will present project reports in written and oral formats. Students may explore projects in development of, or in conjunction with, Div III work or independent studies. Selected students will develop projects in preparation for TAing a spring lab course in basic molecular biology methods. Prerequisites: Gene Cloning or equivalent lab experience is required.