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Instructor Info:Andrea Dezso
Term: 2012F
Meeting Info: Wednesday
01:00 PM - 03:50 PM Arts Barn STUDIO 2

A critique and discussion-based seminar for Division III Visual Art concentrators this class will focus on the process and progress of art making. Students will be encouraged to think about their work in the larger context of their disciplines, society, place and history. Students will articulate their ars poetica orally through presentations and in writing artists statements, bios, art resumes and work documentation. The practical side of building a sustainable art career will be discussed from finding inspiration and flow to the business of running an art studio, finding information, applying for grants, artist residences, securing resources, submitting work for competitions, and building a professional network. Readings will be assigned and guest lecturers will be invited to the class.

Course Objectives:

This seminar will facilitate the development of accomplished Division III projects in visual art, in the context of culture, history and society. Students will propose and produce an ambitious and cohesive body of work in the media of their choice and work toward a solid understanding of their project within the larger landscape of contemporary art and culture.

Evaluation Criteria:

Students are expected to save all work created during the semester (a.k.a. the portfolio) and present the complete portfolio to the instructor during the last class of the semester. Evaluations will be contingent upon attendance, timely completion of all in-class and homework assignments, sketchbook and classroom participation. Two or more unexcused absences will result in a “No-Eval”.

Students who miss a class are expected to find out what they missed from a classmate and make up the work in a timely manner. I do not provide critique and/or make-up sessions for missed class via email or during office hours.

Additional Info:

Readings, videos and visual study materials will be assigned and made available on Moodle. 

The Art of Self-Promotion By Diane Rapaport

Creating a Professional Portfolio By Geoffrey Gorman, Guest Writer



Ten Tips for Those Considering MFA Programs
So you want to be an artist... By Ilana Stanger, Guest Writer

Dr. Art on Developing Your Artist Portfolio
Matthew Deleget, Visual Artist Information Hotline

Dave Hickey, Art Critic and Theorist

An Interview with Impractical Labor in the Service of the Speculative Arts by Eleanor Whitney

The Profitable Artist
Edited by Cobb, P., Ball, S., Hogan, F.; Allworth Press
Csikszentmihalyi, M.; Harper Perennial
The Artist’s Guide: How To Make A Loving Doing What you Love
Battenfield, J.; Da Capo